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The Walk In Sync™ Tools have been designed to create clear, calm, consistent communication and natural leadership which promotes healthy, balanced and peaceful relationships between humans and their dogs. Here are testimonials from customers, Veterinarians and Trainers who support our mission of creating a completely pain free training and walking experience for dogs and their humans.

Alecia Evans creation of the Walk In Sync harness technology is not just Evolutionary but Revolutionary. It is way past due to have a safer harness technology that does NOT have the potential to injure a dogs neck and musculoskeletal system. That technology is now available thanks to the creative genius of Alecia Evans.

As a pioneer in Integrative Animal Health Care for 30 years, editor of 3 Veterinary Text books on complementary and alternative veterinary medicine and acupuncture. Two books on the animal human bond. I have always felt there needs to be more humane approaches to training as well as collars and harnesses. After reviewing the Walk In Sync system, I am most appreciative and realize that her invention is IT!

I have my own ideas on innovative creations to help animals but I have never seen anything like, WALK IN SYNC. Alecia is one of the pioneers in revolutionizing humane training approaches and tools.

– Allen M. Schoen, DVM, MS, Ph.D.
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“I used to run, frantically panting, behind my dog. Now we walk calmly together, side by side. The Walk In Sync system enabled me to make the choice that's right for both my dog and me. Thanks to Alecia and her brilliant invention, I don't just walk more calmly with my dog - I move more confidently through my life.” – Julia Szabo, The Pet Reporter pet-reporter.com

“Years ago we called Alecia to help our Maggie - who we had just adopted from the shelter - with some fear aggression while on walks and with other dogs. When Alecia arrived, she quickly wrapped their leashes around them and in a manner of seconds to my complete surprise, they walked perfectly.

I cried when she left. It was such a relief and it happened in 45 seconds. No joke.” – Molly Peterson mollympeterson.com

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We ordered the system for our wild man Yogi! AMAZING!! Instant Success. Thank you!! – Jenni Cure

I just recived my WALK IN SYNC, today for my big dobermans, who are hard to fit.
The walking was nothing short of miraculous.

I injured my shoulder using the standard collar and leash and have been unable to walk them since. My walk today was easy and pain free. I will give my physical therapist information about your product he often gets questions from patients who need more control when walking their dogs.

– Christine Keiser

Tucker and I are loving the system. I took him on two walks yesterday and he was just fine with it and never tugged for one second! We had FUN and I Love the leash!! I love the design and it truly works just like you say!

Thank you so much!!

– D. Smith -Miami FL
Veterinarian Recommended

Veterinarian Recommended

“Harnesses that have the leash attached at the front of the chest are the best solution because they distribute the pressure of tugs and jerks throughout the whole body and keep the neck and throat free. I recommend the Walk In Sync Harness.” – Dr. Peter Dobias peterdobais.com

“Walk In Sync really does live up to your claims and I have recommended it to many clients, colleagues and friends since receiving mine. I recently heard that one of my clients in Australia loves her Walk In Sync harness and her trainer has just placed an order so she can sell them to her other clients. I have also spoken glowingly about them on various dog related group sites. I will definitely continue to recommend your harness system to my clients whether their dogs pull or not, any dog can be spooked or take off after a squirrel or passing cyclist.” – Linda Aronson, DVM petshrink.com

Trainer Recommended

“The use of collars and harsh corrections on the dog’s neck can promote neck injuries, cervical subluxations, eye and ear issues, and behavior issues.” – Emily Larlham, Trainer dogmantics.com

“Alecia! I just got back from a cross country trip and a week in Vegas and used the Walk in Sync harness the whole way on Pearl and I LOVED it. It's still on her. When I was at the SuperZoo show, another dog trainer came up to me and said, "Is that the Walk in Sync harness?" LOL! You are getting around.” – Nikki Moustaki, Dog Trainer, Author & Pet Expert nikkimoustaki.com

Walk In Sync™ is on a mission to keep dogs home and out of shelters.

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We are so confident that the Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System will help you walk your dog or puppy in minutes in a calm, effective manner that we are giving you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

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