Walk In Sync™ in 3 Easy Steps

Prep Steps to Walking In Sync

  1. Begin by clipping the leash to the D-ring at the chest
  2. Slide your hand closest to the dog up the Accu-grip leash to the foam handle closest to the leash clip
  3. Place your opposite hand through the loop
  4. Drop your shoulders, take a deep breath and relax and leave your hand on the 1st handle relaxed by your side

Walk In Sync™ in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Begin by walking forward with your hand remaining at your side
  2. Stop
  3. If your dog is creating tension on the leash, it is important not to relieve them of the tension. Just stand still and wait in a relaxed manner. No need to even look at your dog until it takes the pressure off the leash on its own. Once they back up to the proper position, give it a pat on its side and let him or her know what a good dog they are.

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  1. Repeat a few times until the dog has the concept of moving or backing off of the pressure points.
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