The Science Behind the Design

Unlike traditional harness designs and neck collars which clip behind the shoulder blades (giving your dog the advantage of being able access the power of their front legs to pull you) or directly at the throat (which can choke them), The Walk In Sync™ Harness has you clip the leash in the front and at chest level, allowing you to use the law of physics to your advantage with total respect for your dogs throat and spine.

Our revolutionary design is modeled after a Principle of Physics which states that: “the further away energy travels on a fulcrum the more energy you have to use to bring it back.” By placing the leash clip in the front of the harness your dog will feel that they are walking into pressure and choose to move off it, as opposed to feeling that if they pull against the pressure hard enough they can break free of it.

While other products on the market assist you in training your dog, they do so at your dog’s expense. As I have so often seen when the further away someone’s dog walks on a choke chain or collar the harder they tend to pull the dog back and choke that dog when attempting to get them back under control, often due to no fault of the dogs. Even the top trainers are unfortunately still using harmful tools, like choke chains and prong collars to get a dogs attention.

dog skeleton

We say: Train without the Pain

Virtually all dogs that pull have been unknowingly taught by their people that pulling gets them to move forward. Our patented training system and humane tools teach and support you in educating your dog how to Walk In Sync in a very short time to move off of pressure and without any pain.

And the question still remains: If "lead jerks" and punishment style training doesn't work - what do you do next?

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