Alecia’s Training Psychology


Choking a dog makes them associate training with painful repercussions for making wrong choices. By properly teaching a dog what you want them to know (positive reinforcement) and understanding that corrections do not have to be painful or harmful, you will create a well mannered, great friend and family member for life. There is no need to pop a leash or choke a dog to train it. Reprimanding a dog for bad behavior or causing it pain does not allow your dog to learn good behavior without the fear of pain.

Your dog knows that either he's in charge or you are in charge. Watch most people walking down the street with their dogs and it is pretty apparent who is in charge. When the human is not being the leader, the dog will take on that role. A dog not trained to be the leader is a handful and a potential mishap waiting to happen. With the Walk In Sync™ Training Tools and 3 Easy Step Training Method, you will become the leader that your dog has been begging you to be in minutes.

When I train, I always take the position that we are continually learning, so if I ask my dog not to do something and he doesn’t listen, I simply go back to the prior step. I have to assume that he did not understand me, because his desire is to please. I never want to harm him or punish him, so I rely on clearer communication and simply correct the behavior.

Your dog is never a bad dog, he is however continually learning to be the best dog he can be and as his human you will do everything in your power to set him up for the greatest success.

For me, this means helping him to learn how to harness and master his energy in safe, effective, fun and healthy ways. By using the Walk In Sync™ Harness and Accu-grip Leash as training tools I can assist your dog in keeping his/her energy levels in proper balance - not too high, not too low, but right in the middle where he can make good choices. He’ll let you know he’s paying attention to you, as well as his surroundings and he’ll be confident in his ability to make the right choices. I’m convinced that you can teach him well and keep him safe, wherever you go.

I will show you how clear and concise training (utilizing the Walk In Sync™ Training Method) makes it easy for anyone to have a great dog that is a pleasure to be around. Your dog will always show undying loyalty as a result of you being a great leader and by never causing harm!