Walk In Sync™ - Manifesto

Changing the Training Paradigm: Leading With Love

A Movement To Pain Free Training and Authentic Leadership

The #1 reason why dogs are given up to shelters or rescues is due to behavior issues. The most common reason is due to a mis-communication and lack of clear communication with training tools that harm the dog’s body coupled with a lack of understanding of how dogs naturally communicate leadership with one another.

At Walk In Sync™ we know that there is a safe, natural, easy and highly effective solution to making training more effective with less stress. The Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System is transforming the way dogs and humans communicate by providing tools that promote clear, consistent boundaries and allow the human to become a calm, effective leader in just minutes.

Walk In Sync Mission:

To keep more dogs home and out of shelters by providing training and walking tools that are: pain and choke free, promote clear communication, vastly improve training effectiveness, and deepen the human / dog bond with every walk.

Walk In Sync Manifesto: Leading With Love

Walk In Sync believes that every dog deserves to be trained with love, kindness, and respect and that every human receives the opportunity to become an Authentic Leader in a natural manner.

We are on a mission to Lead with Love. We believe that no dog or pup needs to be choked in the training or walking process ever again, it doesn’t make sense and it hurts the dog. Walk In Sync is taking the lead and raising the bar to ensure that all training and walking tools are safe, choke and pain free, honor the dog’s natural biomechanical movement patterns, vastly improve communication and are highly effective at helping the human demonstrate natural leadership in a way that respects the dog’s and human’s bodies.

The Walk In Sync tools and Method set you and your dog up for a lifetime of success and happy walks.

Walk In Sync Goal:

Our goal is to create a tipping point of 3 million dogs using the Walk In Sync System. We believe we can eliminate at least 100,000 dogs a year from being given up for adoption due to improper training.

Join the Walk In Sync movement towards choke free and painless training and walks now!

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