Easy Fit Instructions

dog instructions
  1. Unbuckle the black buckles on the top of the harness
  2. Place the harness over the dogs head making sure training clip is at the chest is facing you and not the dog
  3. Slide the belly strap under the dogs chest and click the left and right buckles into place to secure the fit
  4. Adjust your sizing on the sides and at the front
  5. Harness should fit comfortably around the belly without being tight
  6. Harness should fit dog snug around the neck with the training clip being at chest height and should comfortably slide over dogs head

Watch Walk In Sync Harness Fit w/ Susan Flynn! dog step instructions

One of the main reasons the Walk in Sync Harness is so effective at stopping the pulling habit is the position of the pressure placed at the chest. When the pressure is applied at the center of the chest the dog becomes aware that they are creating it as you stand still and allow them to create the pressure they will back off. If the harness is too big(see pics) and the pressure is applied to the size of the chest then the harness will be less effective at stopping your dog from pulling.

wrong vs right

*Please Note Walk In Sync™ Harness Wear and Care:
The Walk In Sync™ Harness was designed as a training and walking tool to assist you in harnessing your dogs energy to unleash their greatest potential. We recommend taking the harness off when not on walks or out in the yard.