Training Clip vs. Walking Clip: Versatile Options of our System

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You will notice that the Walk In Sync™ System has two rings on the harness where you can attach the leash. The clip on the front of the harness is for training purposes, and this will always be the first place you will clip the leash. As we stated earlier, by getting in front of your dogs energy, you will quickly and easily teach your dog to move off the pressure point as they become aware of the pressure they’re creating.

Once your dog has mastered moving off of the pressure point with the leash hooked to the front of the harness, using Accu-Grip handle #1, you will then place your hand on Accu-Grip handle #2 to help your dog learn to move off of the pressure point from a longer distance. Ultimately you will be walking your dog the full length of the leash without them ever pulling them or them pulling you!

After your dog has mastered moving off of the pressure point, at a fully extended leash, you can then try clipping them to the walking leash clip at the back of the harness. Some dogs may take to this method right away, and you can leave the leash clipped there, while other dogs may need the reminder of the leash clipped at the front of the harness for a while. Either way, you and your dog will be happier as a team, and you’ll rest at ease that you’ll never be choking your dog to walk or train again!