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The Experience

Our Design
Alecia Evans, HDT, MA, Inventor

I created the evolutionary, Walk In Sync™ System to make training, walking and excercising your companion the most rewarding, safe and comfortable experience possible for both you and your dog.

You will notice an immediate difference in your dog’s behavior as well as your ability to calmly and effectively be your dog’s leader from the moment you start using the patented Harness and Leash and 3 Easy Step Training Videos.

- Alecia Evans

5 Minute Manners Makeover

In under 5 minutes using Alecia's 3 Easy Steps Method you will have 1 great dog and will be Walking In Sync. The 3 Easy Steps Video comes with your purchase.

The Evolutionary Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System is the most effective and pain free training system on the market. Our system works so well in just minutes that we have developed the Walk In Sync™ 5 Minute Manners Makeovers.

We love to hear from you and see how your dog responds to the Walk In Sync™ Training System. So feel free to email us your comments, written or video (before and after) testimonials and share your Walk In Sync™ experience with us.


Evolutionary Design

The Walk In Sync™ Harness™ is soft and comfortable enough for your dog or puppy to wear all day and will never choke your or harm your pet ever again!

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Science Behind the Design

Our evolutionary design is modeled after a Principle of Physics which states that: “the further away energy travels on a fulcrum the more energy you have to use to bring it back.”

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Get-A-Grip™ Leash

Get-A-Grip™ offers clear, consistent, unchanging boundaries that your dog can respect and adhere to in just minutes to prevent pulling, lunging, and unpredictable behavior.

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Product Features

Designed with your dogs biomechanics and comfort in mind

Walk In Sync™ Harness

Accu-Grip™ Leash

Walk In Sync Harness
  • Neck Strap 1.

    Fully Adjustable Neck Strap

    Easy on - easy off, provides a superior fit to dogs and pups of all sizes and ages, your dog cannot climb out of this harness

  • Front Harness Clip 2.

    Front Clip

    Precise positioning of connection with leash that fits well below the throat for no choking

  • Harness Reflector Clips 3.

    Harness Reflector Clips

    Safe for evening walks

  • Belly Strap 4.

    Belly Strap

    Unique positioning that allows for full range of motion of shoulders, safest harness for exercising and growing puppies without any chaffing

  • Adjustable Girth Straps 5.

    Adjustable Girth Straps

    Fully adjustable girth straps provide a comfortable secure fit

  • Back Clip 6.

    Back Clip

    After your dog has perfected not pulling clip the leash back here for exercise

  • Get-A-Grip Handle 7.

    Get-A-Grip Handles

    Provide exact hand positions for accuracy and consistency while mastering the walk and NO LEASH BURN EVER, no more leash wrapping out of fear just a secure calm grip

  • Quick Clip Handle 8.

    Quick Clip Release Loop

    Just unbuckle and buckle, great for puppy training and securing your dog next to your during morning coffee or lunch

All Available Colors: Red, Turquoise, Chocolate Brown, Black

All Inclusive System

  • Walk In Sync™ Harness
  • Accu-Grip™ Leash
  • 3 Easy Step and Advanced Easy Steps videos
  • 8 Basic Puppy Training Videos
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Product Benefits

    For Your Dog:

  • Exceptional fit - No Chaffing
  • Respects your dog’s natural movement patterns without limiting shoulders
  • Safest harness for excerising your dog
  • Super soft, yet strong
  • Light weight
  • Easy on – easy off
  • Washable – dries quickly
  • 6 sizes for dogs 4- 160 lbs

    For You:

  • Teach your dog how to harness their energy in just minutes without ever choking them
  • Provide your dog with clear, consistent boundaries on every walk with the Accu-Grip™ Leash
  • Develop calm, confident leadership in minutes
  • Veterinarian Recommended and Supported
  • A happy relaxed dog

Harness Your Dog’s Energy. Unleash Their Greatness!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that the Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System will help you walk your dog or puppy in minutes in a calm, effective manner that we are giving you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

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