Walk In Sync™ Method Home Study Course

Are you willing to learn 6 Secrets from your dog that will transform you into an Authentic Leader?

Let’s face it you can’t build a house without a solid foundation. Well trying to train your dog without using the 6 Secret Steps of the Walk In Sync™ Method is like building a house on an unstable foundation. Sooner or later the cracks are going to start showing up, in little ways at first and then in much larger ways.

Every dog requires a calm, clear, authentic leader to follow. When you put your dog in a leadership role that they are not ready for a lot of behavioral compensation takes place as they are not truly confident in themselves that they can handle the role. So first, YOU need to be confident in that role.

The Walk In Sync™ Method Home Study Course was created by Holistic Dog Trainer, Alecia Evans. Alecia will lead you through the 6 Secrets that will help you take the foundational steps to build your Authentic Leadership Skills so that you have the confidence and trust in yourself to lead your dog with clarity and ease.

In addition, she is able to expertly guide the humans to a whole new level of awareness and understanding about their own Authentic Leadership Skills. Alecia provides her clients with a full spectrum picture on how to naturally care for the Whole Dog, making her the leading authority in Holistic Dog Training.

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The Walk In Sync™ Method Home Study Course will teach you:

  • The 6 Secrets To Unleashing Your Dogs Greatest Potential and Your Own
  • The 3 levels of awareness your dog knows that you must learn to harness your energy into vibrational alignment with your dog that will benefit every area of your life
  • The 1 vital element that will bring your relationship and life into flow-Guaranteed!
  • The primary manner in which animals actually communicate-( it’s not what you think)
  • To embody your natural, authentic leadership skills and apply them in all areas of your life
  • To build instant confidence in your dog and yourself
  • To awaken your intuition and master your understanding of true dog language
  • To create a deep and lasting connection with your best friend that is beyond words
  • The art of walking in sync with your pooch and your life
  • Be a human any dog or human would want to follow

Week 1: Mastering Inner Alignment

  • Everything Is Energy
  • How Dogs Really Communicate (It’s not anything you have been taught ever before and it’s how we all communicate- so you will not want to miss this)
  • Why Dogs are Masters of Inner Alignment
  • 3 Keys to Inner Alignment
  • Be Here Now

Week 2: The Making of a Natural Leader

  • Lessons on Consistency from Nature, the Business World, and Life
  • The Foundation Consistency Builds
  • The Bond of Consistency

Week 3: Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

  • Bitches Never Apologize
  • Love From a Dogs Perspective
  • Sometimes You Say The Most without Saying A Word
  • How To Say Yes or No and Mean It

Week 4: It’s Judgment Day

  • Out of Judgment and Into Clarity
  • Human Emotional Responses
  • How Dogs Respond to Corrections
  • Punishment vs Correction
  • Inner Alignment of A Natural Leader

Week 5: Honor Thy Dog, Honor Thyself

  • Using tools that are safe, respectful and effective
  • Correct the Behavior and Not the Dog
  • Frame of Mind

Week 6: Building the Bond

  • Making your “Saheylu” with your dog
  • Oneness with Your Dog
  • Walking With God

Week 7: Choose Your Path and Walk It Fully

  • Lessons learned from Dog
  • Mastering all the skills of an Authentic Leader
  • Being Your Authentic Leader in all areas of your life

What You Will Receive From this Home Study Course:

  • 6 Secrets Audios: – 7 hours of mp3 downloads (1 hour for each class) $497 Value
  • 1 Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System
    $52 Value
  • E Book: – 6 Secrets Your Dog Wants To Teach You To Succeed In Your Life and Thrive In Your Business (Released Jan. 15, 2013) $49.95 Value
  • 15% discount on future orders

+3 FREE Surprise Bonuses:

  • Baby You Were Born This Way: – Animal Communication Course 101 and 201 (MP3 Dwnld)$197 Value
  • 5 Things You Can Right Now to Make Your Dog Healthier (PDF)$97 Value
  • Meditation with the Animal Kingdom (MP3 Dwnld)$67 Value
  • The foundation of a lifetime to turn you into the Authentic Leader Your Dog and the World has been begging you to be! Priceless
Total Value: $950 Total Savings: $750

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to what my customers say.

The Walk In Sync system takes the brain work out of leash training... Aloha Alecia Evans! We received the Walk In Sync system yesterday afternoon and have used it twice and love it! It takes the brain work out of leash training (maybe that should be one of your slogans…BOL).I feel much more sure of myself while walking Kimo and am not apprehensive when we encounter other people or dogs, which are always a huge distraction for our 76-pound loveable pup. Stay tuned for our follow-up video. Mahalo nui loa for such a GREAT product that makes us all happier and safer.– Rhonda and Kemo, HI

My dog took to the Walk In Sync system IMMEDIATELY...I just wanted to let you know how amazed I was, when I first tried your harness. My Australian Shepherd, Jasmine was never trained to walk properly on a leash. She would run wildly down any street or path, and would practically pull my arm off. Seemed like it was always a battle of some sort and always left me feeling tired and frustrated.Your Walk-In-Sync Harness worked like magic. Not only did it fit her body beautifully, but the unique design is comfortable for both of us!. The best news yet, though – is that she took to the training tool IMMEDIATELY, and we’ve never had another episode of arm pulling again!I would recommend your training system to EVERYONE. (and I do!) You’ve made our lives so much better, thank YOU!– Andi Brown Author of “The Whole Pet Diet”

I now have total control over my dog...I have to admit, I was skeptical about this harness for my 100lb dog that was trained to pull. His Dr. wanted all pressure off neck so she recommended this. I told her I would give it a try but I thought I would be sending it back. I am very very impressed that I have total control of my dog. With the connector in the front, I am able to control with ease. Thank you for such a thoughtful product.– Kim

Thanks for giving both of us back the joy of going everywhere together again...My well trained 14 month old dog started walking too fast a couple of months ago. My dog is also my assistance partner (still in training) so this put me through a period of extra concern as I am usually so in tune with my partner but I somehow missed how/why/when this actually started. We take two walks daily and I started getting very tired of saying “slow”.I saw the ad for the Walk In Sync System but was very reluctant to buy it. The money back guarantee won me over. Plus Alecia’s patience with my endless questions!Upon receiving the system (2 days after the order was placed — very pleased with the service too) we set out for a short walk a few hours after. One test walk with my needing to stop a few times was pretty much all that was needed to take me from skeptical to sold.Over this first week with the harness we are now back to his only starting to walk a bit faster on rare occasions again but the good news is he realizes it and self corrects so quickly that I don’t have a chance to stop.I have my well behaved partner back. Even long walks through the parks are peaceful again. And I can allow him to have the full length of the leash so he can sniff around and enjoy himself too.We stop at least once daily during our walks at places he can safely run off leash. He has no discomfort doing so with this harness on. Walks are again fun for both of us.Almost daily people would stop me to tell me how impressed they were watching me walking with my dog. We hadn’t heard things like that during the period he had sped his pace up. Hearing those types of praise again is wonderful.We are back to being a team again!Thanks Alecia for giving both of us back the joy of going everywhere together again.– Jill and Spirit

Now, I don’t just walk more calmly with my dog...I move more confidently through my lifeI used to run, frantically panting, behind my dog. Now we walk calmly together, side by side. The Walk In Sync system enabled me to make the choice that’s right for both my dog and me. Thanks to Alecia and her brilliant invention, I don’t just walk more calmly with my dog – I move more confidently through my life.– Julia Szabo, The Pet Reporter Author of The Underdog

Thanks to the new system, we are having fun with our little boy again...Thank you Alecia for our new Walk In Sync harness and leash. They are fantastic training tools. When Turk started getting bigger, he become difficult to walk with, as he pulled and lacked restraint, also his manners at meeting new people and especially dogs were very lacking. With the new system we have seen amazing progress and we are having fun with our little boy again. I just wanted to let you know that you have really reduced our frustration and we now have the patience to be better parents. Thank you for the great design!– D. Johnson, Aspen, CO

A pioneer in revolutionizing humane training approaches...Alecia Evans creation of the Walk In Sync™ harness technology is not just evolutionary, but revolutionary. It is way past due to have a safer harness technology that does not have the potential to injure a dog’s neck and create musculoskeletal harm. That technology is now available thanks to the creative genius of Alecia Evans.As a pioneer in Integrative Animal Health Care for 30 years, editor of the three veterinary textbooks Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Acupuncture,two books on the human-animal bond, I have always felt that there need to be more humane approaches to training as well as collars and harnesses.After reviewing Alecia’s creation, I am most appreciative and realize that her invention is it.I have never seen anything like the Walk In Sync™System. Alecia is one of the pioneers in revolutionizing humane training approaches.– Allen M. Schoen, DVM, MS, Ph.D.(hon.)

Highly recommended...Alecia has come up with a terrific design that incorporates the best qualities both dogs and their handlers could hope for: it’s easy to use, comfortable, and effective.It’s a great contribution to the the world of non-violent dog training. Highly recommended.– Paul Owens, The Original Dog Whisperer

Walk In Sync™ has made such a difference in the lives of my clients...Walk In Sync™ has made such a difference in the lives of my clients who use this fabulous leash system. The leash keeps the handler centered, and the harness has two systems for the dog as it learns proper walking styles. Everyone is raving about it!The customer service that we receive from Alecia is phenomenal. She takes the time to personally speak with my clients to assist them with sizing questions. It doesn’t get better than this!– Barbara Johnson, CPDT-KSA, ACDBC Oak Park, CA

The Walk In Sync Method: 6 Secrets Your Dog Wants to Teach You To Unleash
Your Greatest Potential

Yes – Alecia! – I am choosing to Walk In Sync™ with you and my dog! I want to know the 6 Secrets in this amazing training which will facilitate me in walking in sync with my dog and being the natural leader I know I AM.

7 Week eCourse $197 ($950 value)
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