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Get-A-Grip - World's Most Comfortable Dog Leash

Safer and more Comfortable For You

No more nylon ripping through your hand (leash burn*) when your dog decides to take off. No more having to wrap the leash around your hand out of fear and anticipation of your dog lunging. With Get-A-Grip™ you will have a safe, comfortable, confidence building grip on your dog.

Get-A-Grip™ Leash is also the most bio-mechanically correct leash on the market for humans because it puts your shoulder in its safest position to eliminate any undue stress on your joints or ligaments.

Great Training Tool for your Dog or Puppy

From a training perspective, Get-A-Grip™ offers you and your dog or pup clear, consistent, unchanging boundaries that your dog can respect and adhere to in just minutes to prevent pulling, lunging, and unpredictable behavior.

Get-A-Grip™ offers you comfort and control when training or just walking putting you in the position of calm, collected leader instantly and safely.

*Leash burn is a type of friction burn that occurs when a leash gets pulled out of your hand, and is similar to a rope burn. This usually happens when a dog gets excited and tries to run.

US Patent #D643,580.

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Get A Grip™ is the worlds most comfortable Leash. The Accu-Grip™ handles ensure clear boundaries and a secure, confident grip on your dog. Make walking and training your dog a safer, less stressful and more enjoyable experience.

Get-A-Grip Leash$23.95 USD

Style: #003. Sizing is: 5/8" x 6’ or 1” x 6’

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